Vessel density map

Space Debris and Maritime Safety: A Collaborative Approach

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Failures of spacecraft and launch vehicles pose a significant threat to both terrestrial infrastructure and human safety. With the exponential growth in planned satellite launches, this risk becomes even more…

Houthi Missile Attack Claims Lives: True Confidence Vessel Hit, Three Dead, Four Injured

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In a devastating turn of events, the True Confidence vessel fell victim to a missile attack by Houthi rebels, leading to the tragic loss of three lives and leaving at…
Canopée's journey to French Guiana

Sea & Space Odyssey: The Canopée’s Journey to the Stars

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Maritime transport stands as the primary mode for global goods movement, capturing over 80% of the world's transport share , a figure that continues to rise steadily. Surprisingly, maritime transport…
Cover of the book titled Data analysis in the maritime domain

Advancing Maritime Data Analysis: LuxSpace’s Contribution to the SIMMO Project

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Our partners at Poznań University of Economics, Poland, have recently published a book titled "Data Analysis in the Maritime Domain," providing a comprehensive overview of the SIMMO (System for Intelligent…
OrbitSailor Explorer presents the Canopee vessel that is transporting the Ariane 6 rocket from Europe to French Guiana.

OrbitSailor: Tracking Rocket Transport Vessels and Launch Platforms at Sea

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Old Concept, Modernized: Satellite Launches from Floating Platforms The idea of launching satellites from floating platforms is not new. For years, the Sea Launch company executed such operations with its…
OrbitSailor API

Maritime Goes Digital with OrbitSailor

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Embark on a Digital Voyage with OrbitSailor – Where Maritime Meets Innovation! Ahoy there, maritime enthusiasts! Allow us to introduce you to OrbitSailor, the cutting-edge fusion of space technology and…
Hosted by Searoutes CEO & Co-Founder Pierre Garreau and LuxSpace’s Product Manager Guillermo Gutierrez, we unveil in this webinar the integration of Searoutes’s Vessel API with LuxSpace’s OrbitSailor including a live demo of the system.

Webinar: Integration of Searoute’s Vessel API with LuxSpace’s OrbitSailor

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Hosted by Searoutes CEO & Co-Founder Pierre Garreau and LuxSpace's Product Manager Guillermo Gutierrez, we unveil in this webinar the integration of Searoutes's Vessel API with LuxSpace's OrbitSailor including a…

OrbitSailor Explorer – announcement

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LuxSpace, an OHB company, announces the release of its brand-new product OrbitSailor Explorer – a modern, versatile, and highly-configurable user interface dedicated to professionals who need a user-friendly interface for…