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Our partners at Poznań University of Economics, Poland, have recently published a book titled “Data Analysis in the Maritime Domain,” providing a comprehensive overview of the SIMMO (System for Intelligent Maritime Monitoring) project. LuxSpace, our team, has been an integral part of this endeavor.
The SIMMO project aimed to address challenges in data analytics within the maritime sector, with a particular focus on analyzing AIS data. While our partners conducted research on AIS data analysis, our team focused on the IT aspects of the system. We worked on optimizing data handling and delivery, as well as integrating advanced analytics tools into a fully functional system.
This collaborative effort has enabled our team to develop essential skills and IT systems, facilitating the creation of more advanced systems for tracking vessels and comprehending their behavior on a global scale.
Subsequently, we embarked on the SIMMO2 project, which provided us with the opportunity to develop our own tools and enhance cloud systems, further advancing our capabilities in maritime data analysis and monitoring.