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We are the founders of the satellite AIS systems. Our OrbitSailor provides a reliable source of information about your fleet.

About OrbitSailor

OrbitSailor is the next step in supporting vessel operations in a new and agile way. Back in 2007 LuxSpace launched the first ever AIS receiver to space. Since then, we build more satellites and sent them to space – Starting with the VesselSat-1, followed by the VesselSat-2 and the best performing AIS satellite ESAIL in 2020.

Our revolutionary AIS Data Service has been launched in 2011 and provides AIS data to customers around the globe.

We launched the first ever AIS receiver to space
Launch of our AIS Data Service
Development of the ESAIL-Satellite
Back in 2009 we launched the first ever AIS receiver (satellite) to space.
We monitor more than 250.000 vessels each day.
Near real-time tracking via terrestrial AIS, satellite AIS and shipborne AIS.

Our service – reliable, cost effective and tailor-made

OrbitSailor provides tracking and monitoring solutions for the shipping industry. It can monitor more than 250.000 vessels and is powered by more than 30 million positions reports each day! OrbitSailor has been developed together with experienced people from the maritime industry.


■ All main traffic routes
■ All regions
■ High-update rate for port areas

> 250.000
ships per day

■ Data acquisition from almost all visible ships around the world
■ Class A and B

& satellite

■ Terrestrial AIS receivers: rivers and coastlines
■ Satellites with AIS receivers
■ Shipborne AIS


■ Ship-2-Ship
■ Sudden change of speed & course
■ Loitering: individual and cluster
■ ETA & Transit of ship within forbidden areas

data delivery

■ Preparing data according to the needs of customers
■ Various delivery mechanisms (e.g. TCP/IP, Push, SSL, JSON, FTP, API)

Near real-time

■ Live stream of latest data
■ Providing data as quickly as it arrives to LuxSpace
■ Real-time vessel tracking

Our products

OrbitSailor S, M and L are aimed to provide information on position and performance of vessels around the globe. Variants M and L provide additional value added services.

OrbitSailor SBasic Tracking

  • AIS raw messages
  • Satellite AIS data
  • Near real-time tracking
  • Time report (timestamp)
  • Unlimited fleet size
  • Custom data format
  • Basic API
  • Analytics
  • Position reporting

OrbitSailor M+ Analytics

  • AIS raw messages
  • Satellite AIS data
  • Near real-time tracking
  • Time report (timestamp)
  • Unlimited fleet size
  • Custom data format
  • Standard API
  • Analytics
  • Position reporting

OrbitSailor L+ Position reporting

  • Derived AIS messages
  • Satellite AIS data
  • Near real-time tracking
  • Time report (timestamp)
  • Unlimited fleet size
  • Custom data format
  • Advanced API
  • Analytics
  • Position reporting

AnalyticsValue Added Services

$ Included in OrbitSailor M & L

Per Month
  • Ship-2-Ship
  • Change of course & speed
  • Loitering
  • ETA
  • Transit of forbidden areas

Frequently Asked Questions

Everything you need to know

What exactly does the Analytics module include?

Analytics aims to provide value added services, including advanced algorithms to analyze vessels behavior, improve efficiency and to optimize operations. Here is a description of the individual modules:

Ship-2-Ship​: Two vessels meet at open sea or near the coast and go alongside for possible legal cargo operations or even illegal activities such as fishing activities or possible smuggling​. Our system is able to inform the customer that a Ship-2-Ship activity is taking place and has the possibility to react / investigate this case further.

Loitering: Single or clustered loitering of vessels at low speed or unscheduled anchoring and the associated unusual movements. Our system is capable of indicating such vessel behavior.

Transit within forbidden areas: The entry of seagoing vessels into forbidden / restricted areas, such as offshore parks, nature conservation areas, restricted military zones and areas where the emission of Co2 is strongly limited / low Sulphur.

ETA: Estimated time of arrival of the vessel at the port of destination. This arrival time is not the one set by the captain, or the expected arrival time set during for the travel calculation for this voyage, the ETA gets calculated by our system using clever algorithms.

Sudden change of course & speed: A sudden change of course and a drastic change of the general average speed will be indicated and reported by our system. This can also have many reasons, but it gives the customer the possibility to be informed that such a process has taken place / is taking place.

AIS ON/OFF: Our system is able to inform the customer that the AIS receiver on board the vessel is not transmitting signals (e.g. AIS receiver has been switched off deliberately or due to satellite communication interference), customers own conclusions can be drawn, and own investigations can be initiated.

Is there a free demo?

Of course, there is a free demo and one of our experts will be happy to introduce you to the features and benefits of OrbitSailor in a personal / virtual meeting. Just use the contact form or call us directly.

What is the Orbit Sailor Archive?

OrbitSailor Archive (coming soon) provides historical AIS data which can fuel AI-based systems that can be used to optimize routes and fuel consumption as well as improve flow of goods. This data will be accessible after we finalize the migration process to our new IT infrastructure.

What's the average delay factor?

For satellite origin AIS data, and the delay depends on relative locations between satellites and ground stations, thus it varies between almost real-time to near real-time which is 20-30 minutes. For terrestrial AIS data the delay is negligible for most applications.

What does "AIS" stand for?

AIS (Automatic Identification System) is a system for the automatic exchange of navigational data between ships, coastal stations and satellites. Deployed on all commercial ships AIS enables to identify, localize and track ships in near real-time around the world. Thanks to a satellite constellation and a global network of ground stations operated by our partner, we receive about 30 million position reports from about 250.000 seagoing vessels every day, making global maritime transport truly visible.

AIS data provide up to date information about the whereabouts of a vessel. Ship owner, ship operators or port agents get to know up to date information allowing them to plan accordingly, monitor fleet activities and to organize loading and discharging operations.

What is LuxSpace?

LuxSpace was established in 2004 as a subsidiary of OHB SE and is an integrated provider of small satellites and space-based applications and services. The company can look back on seven successfully launched space systems, including the Triton-2/ESAIL satellite launched in September 2020, and has over 15 years of experience in data applications with a particular focus on the maritime sector and earth observation. LuxSpace optimally combines expert development processes with innovative techniques to provide its customers with competitive, rapidly deliverable and reliable solutions. Moreover LuxSpace is our parent company.

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Gerd Eiden
Head of Applications and Services

Gerd Eiden

Gerd has been instrumental in the technical and operational development of satellite AIS since its inception in 2009. Benefit from his experience in all AIS related questions.

T: +352 267890 4022

Maciej Urbanowicz
Project Manager

Maciej Urbanowicz

Maciej’s motto is “What you need is what you get”. He has been working on several difficult cases in IT, space and manufacturing industries, tackling problems and issues in an unorthodox way. His areas of expertise are project management, business development and high-level system design. Maciej is involved in defining AIS-based products and services in the maritime industry.

T: +352 267890 7394

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One of our experts will be happy to introduce you to the features and benefits of OrbitSailor in a personal / virtual meeting.


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