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Embark on a Digital Voyage with OrbitSailor – Where Maritime Meets Innovation!

Ahoy there, maritime enthusiasts! Allow us to introduce you to OrbitSailor, the cutting-edge fusion of space technology and IT expertise, tailored exclusively for the maritime domain. If you haven’t yet heard of OrbitSailor or its parent company, LuxSpace, let us fill you in on the journey thus far.

LuxSpace, a proud member of the esteemed OHB family, made waves in 2009 with its pivotal role in crafting one of the earliest satellites equipped to harness AIS data. Since 2011, LuxSpace has been a beacon of excellence, delivering top-notch AIS data services to a global clientele.

But hold onto your captain’s hats – the best is yet to come! In 2022, OrbitSailor emerged as the embodiment of LuxSpace’s dedication to innovation, ushering in a new era of maritime digitalization.

So, what sets OrbitSailor apart on the high seas of technology? Picture this: a seamless integration of satellite expertise, relentless R&D endeavors, and state-of-the-art IT systems, all geared towards revolutionizing AIS-driven products and services.
Join us as we navigate through the fascinating saga of LuxSpace and OrbitSailor. Follow our adventures on social media and stay anchored to our website for a treasure trove of stories, articles, and captivating insights into the AIS universe.
Set sail with OrbitSailor – where every wave carries the promise of discovery and every journey leads to new horizons. Fair winds and following seas await – don’t miss the voyage of a lifetime!

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